PluriTAV International Conference

Multilingualism, Translation and Language Teaching

The Intercultural Communication and Translation (CiTrans) group is organising the PluriTAV International Conference, which will be held at the Universitat de València, 24-25 October 2019.


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Plenary speakers

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Maria González Davies
Universitat Ramon Llull

Maria González Davies is a freelance translator and Associate Professor at Blanquerna (U. Ramon Llull). She also co-directed the English Department at the School of Modern Languages (U. Barcelona), and was Head of the Translation Department at the University of Vic. She is the Head of the Research Group on Intercultural and Interlinguistic Competence and the author of books such as Multiple Voices in the Translation Classroom (2004) and is now co-editing the Routledge Handbook on Translation and Education with Sara Laviosa (U. Bari, Italy). She is co-editor of the journal The Interpreter and Translator Trainer and is on the editorial board of other journals, for example, Translation and Translanguaging in Multilingual Contexts.

Translating and Translanguaging in Language Learning: Towards an Integrated Plurilingual Approach

Professional Translator and Interpreter Training advanced significantly in the second half of the 20th century. Simultaneously, new perspectives in language learning designed to incorporate the social demands of globalisation and findings in neuroscience related to brain connectivity in learning processes paved the path for innovative pedagogical practices that reconcile both fields. Certainly, the monolingual paradigm is being questioned as more and more informed evidence is brought to bear to show that the spontaneous use of prior knowledge (‘own’ and ‘previous’ languages) on the part of the learner is a natural learning strategy. Translation stubbornly remained amidst this monolingual approach as is ratified time and again in classroom observation and surveys sent out to gauge the use of translation by teachers and students. Here, we will briefly outline how research and observation of good practices regarding the integration of previously known languages in foreign language learning have informed an Integrated Plurilingual Approach (I.P.A.). I will present an ongoing research project (2008-2019) where translation and translanguaging are used as key mediating scaffolding skills and strategies to advance language learning and intercultural communication in fields adjacent to professional translator training, thus underlining their multidimensionality. Ideas for tasks and project work that can be included in the foreign language syllabus will also be presented and shared.

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Noa Talaván Zanón

Noa Talaván is an associate professor of English Studies and Translation in the Foreign Languages Department of the Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia (UNED), Spain. Her main field of research is audiovisual translation and foreign language education. She has been leading teaching innovation projects in this area for more than a decade and is the coordinator of the teaching innovation research group ARENA (accessibility, audiovisual translation and language learning) based at the UNED.

Didactic AVT: Using Subtitling and Dubbing to Improve Audiovisual Comprehension Skills

The diverse AVT modes, such as subtitling and dubbing, may be used in the didactic context so as to improve various types of communicative skills in the foreign language (L2). One of the skills that may benefit students the most in this context could be said to be oral (or audiovisual) comprehension. On the one hand, when students make use of didactic AVT modes (that is, subtitling, dubbing, etc. as didactic resources), they are constantly exposed to the L2 input, which is repeatedly listened to in order to perform the corresponding tasks. On the other hand, the necessary reformulation of the various messages that is required to perform the corresponding AVT task of the preselected video fragment, no matter the didactic AVT mode used in each case, helps them develop this type of skills: they need to listen to the oral content in different ways (to the message or idea, to the specific words and structures, to the text as a whole) to be able to produce correct and coherent output.
In this presentation, the main theoretical and methodological principles to apply didactic AVT to the enhancement of audiovisual comprehension will be presented, through the main didactic AVT modes used up to now: didactic subtitling and didactic dubbing.

Call for Papers

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • For paper presentations: Abstract (350/400 words + references).
  • For roundtable sessions: We welcome proposals for roundtables of three / four speakers. Panellists will give a short introductory statement of 5-10 minutes and the rest of the session will consist of discussion and debate. To submit a proposal for a roundtable, please send a 500-600 word abstract of the roundtable topic, plus details of the roundtable organiser, chair (if different from the organiser), and participants.

The official languages of the conference are English, Spanish and Catalan. Interpretation services will not be available.

Abstracts will be reviewed by the conference scientific committee.

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Submission of abstracts: deadline 7th April.
Notification of acceptance: 10th May.
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Conference coordinator

Juan José Martínez Sierra (Universitat de València – CiTrans)

Scientific Committee

  • Rocío Baños Piñero – UCL (University College London)
  • Frederic Chaume Varela – UJI (Universitat Jaume I)
  • Beatriz Cerezo Merchán – UV (Universitat de València)
  • Jorge Díaz Cintas – UCL (University College London)
  • Diana González Pastor – UV (Universitat de València)
  • Eusebio Llácer Llorca – UV (Universitat de València)
  • Sandra López Rocha - University of Waterloo
  • Anna Marzà Ibàñez – UJI (Universitat Jaume I)
  • Sabela Melchor Couto – U. Roehampton
  • Ana Muñoz Miquel – UJI (Universitat Jaume I)
  • Alicia Ricart Vayá – UV (Universitat de València)
  • Mabel Richart Marset – UV (Universitat de València)
  • Betlem Soler Pardo – UV (Universitat de València)
  • Gloria Torralba Miralles – UJI (Universitat Jaume I)

Organising Committee

  • Beatriz Cerezo Merchán (Universitat de València – CiTrans)
  • Jose Fernando Carrero Martín (Universitat de València – CiTrans)
  • Diana González Pastor (Universitat de València)
  • Sandra López Rocha (University of Waterloo)
  • Anna Marzà Ibàñez (Universitat Jaume I – TRAMA)
  • Inma Pedregosa Sánchez (University of Roehampton – CiTrans)
  • Beatriz Reverter Oliver (Universitat de València – CiTrans)
  • Betlem Soler Pardo (Universitat de València – CiTrans)
  • Gloria Torralba Miralles (Universitat Jaume I – TRAMA)
  • Alicia Ricart Vayá (Universitat de València – SILVA)
  • Mabel Richart Marset (Universitat de València – CiTrans)
  • Arturo Vázquez Rodríguez (Universitat de València – CiTrans)
  • Gora Zaragoza Ninet (Universitat de València – CiTrans)


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Registration to take part in the conference will run from 1st June to 15th September 2019.

Early Registration
(before 1st September 2019)
Late Registration
(from 2nd September 2019)
Speakers 100 € 120 €
Attendants 40 € 50 €
* Student Attendants 20 € 30 €
Conference dinner
+40 € +40 €

* Proof of student status required

Registrations will be accepted up to 15th September.

Payment information

Bank transfer to bank account PayPal

When making the bank transfer please indicate:
Pluritav – Last name(s), First name(s)

IBAN ES80 0049 6721 63 2210044294
In case of bank transfer, please upload a proof of your payment.



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